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Antioxidant Naturally

Antioxidant Naturally Information

Antioxidant Naturally By Nature's Benefit
Retail Price: $24.99
Our Price: $19.99
Package Type: 60 VCaps
Buy Antioxidant Naturally

Buy Antioxidant Naturally

  • Description
    The word antioxidant has confused many people. On the one hand oxygen is obligatory to sustain life, but it can occur in a reactive form (free radicals) that can damage many body tissues by a process of oxidation. This circumstance is called "oxidative stress". Antioxidants work against the occurrence of oxidative stress by mopping up reactive forms of oxygen (free radicals).

    Oxidative stress has been described in scientific literature as the root cause of many diseases. Oxidative stress can damage structures of the heart, the blood vessels, the brain and every vital organ of the body. Free radical damage is a key cause of aging of body tissues, especially the skin and it is linked to the occurrence of cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease, the progression of diabetes or metabolic Syndrome X and many other chronic conditions.

    The body generates free radicals on a daily basis and free radicals are found all over our environment. Free radicals are concentrated in cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes from engines and common household items e.g. chemical cleansers. The human body produces its own series of antioxidants, but the body's antioxidant capacity is overcome often in our modern world. Many scientists believe that the health giving benefits of fruit and vegetable intake are mainly attributable to their antioxidant content.

    Dr. Holt has expressed the opinion that many antioxidant supplements are poorly formulated and there are some uses of single antioxidant substances that can cause an oxidative effect, when high single doses of antioxidants are used e.g. Vitamin C given in high dose intravenous drips. There are two guiding, important principles about antioxidant use and these principles have been carefully applied in the formulation of Antioxidant NaturallyT.

    The first guiding principle is to use antioxidant substances that will go to all body tissues and not just concentrate their activity in water loving (hydrophilic) or fat loving (lipophilic) tissue zones. Antioxidant NaturallyT contains hydrophilic, lipophilic and amphiphilic antioxidants. The terms are complicated but the concept is simple and it relates to antioxidants gaining access to as many body tissues as possible to prevent oxidative damage.

    The second guiding principle is to use antioxidants that work at different potentials of minute energy. This is the concept of REDOX balance. This concept is difficult for even healthcare givers to understand, but an ideal antioxidant supplement must achieve antioxidant effects at different REDOX potential. This principle is used in Antioxidant NaturallyT.

    There are many different benefits that have been associated with antioxidant use, especially in relationship to fruit and vegetable intake. Arguments have prevailed about whether one or other single antioxidant is effective at preventing cancer, promoting cardiovascular health etc. If one understands the guiding principles of the use of antioxidants, then one cannot be surprised that a study of a single antioxidant in disease prevention is a waste of time. In recent years, studies of single high dose antioxidant use have shown negative effects on disease treatment or prevention e.g. Vitamin E and heart disease. However, the construction of some of these studies is imperfect and scientific bias gives a misleading outcome. That said, there is danger in single antioxidant use because of the occurrence of an oxidative effect when single unopposed antioxidants are used at high dosages.

    The scientific waters concerning antioxidant use have become murky because of illogical conclusions from single scientific experiences. Dr. Holt is convinced that the cumulative scientific data support the daily taking of antioxidants for most mature adults, providing that antioxidants are taken in the correct manner. While Dr. Holt acknowledges the natio

    • Ingredients
      Other Ingredients: Hydroxypropyl, methylcellulose, maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide.

    • Recommended Use
      As a dietary supplement, take two vegetarian capsules daily with 4 ounces of water.